Volunteer Resources


Class Syllabi


Fall 2016 Class Syllabi 


Class Log Submission

Every class should submit a log outlining the activities of the lesson for that day.  Please submit logs immediately after class so your team of teachers are able to prepare for the following class.  Send the class log to all the teachers on your team, your Volunteer Coordinator, and the Director of Curriculum and Instruction. 


Training Information


Training sessions to be announced.


Teaching Pronunciation by Chuck Duquette (Presentation) 


Other resources

Ventures Resources (Workbooks, AddVentures, Collaborative Activities, etc.)

Academic Calendar 2016-2017 FINAL

CASAS Prep Activities

Online Job Application Practice Activity

CASAS Review Worksheets

Tutoring Manual

4 Apps recommendations for Students

Selfie Mini Lesson Plan

2014 Annual Report

ACCESS Standards

Link to other WEC class resources

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