The Alam Gir Scholarship Fund

This scholarship honors the life of Alam Gir, a devoted husband and father, a loving brother, and a cherished friend to many. An immigrant from Pakistan, Alam enrolled in English classes upon his arrival to the United States, which benefited him for years to come.

Throughout his life, Alam firmly believed in supporting women’s rights and access to education. He saw it as a means to building a better life for you and your family. Alam was sensitive to the financial barriers that many immigrants and refugees face and would take immense joy in knowing that his legacy helped create new educational opportunities for U.S. immigrant and refugee women. In his memory, the Alam Gir Scholarship provides incoming immigrants and refugees—with priority reserved for women—access to English instruction and the opportunity to learn or master the English language. Each term, the scholarship program will select five recipients to receive fully-funded group virtual or group in-person classes, or individual tutoring at the Washington English Center. The recipients have the flexibility to select their preferred method for education. The funding will cover course materials and the fees for the term. We hope this program will create new pathways for women to improve their proficiency in English as they embark on a new life in the United States.

This scholarship is made possible by the generous support of the Gir family, friends, and education advocates.

Thank you for your time visiting this site to learn about the scholarship and thank you for your generous donation!

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Spring 2023 Scholars

Mahbibi A.; Sam A.; Negina A.; Geraldine F.; Mariia K.; Behishta M.; Rania M; Angela M.; Nabila M.; Shirley V.

Winter 2023 Scholars

Mahbibi A.; Negina A.; Sam A.; Geraldine F.; Mariia K.; Angela M.; Behishta M.; Rania M.; Nabila M.; Shirley V.

Fall 2022 Scholars

Mahbibi A.; Zeynep A.; Yuliia K.; Mariia K.; Angela M.; Behishta M.; Inna M.; Shafiqa N.; Shirley V.

Summer 2022 Scholars

Zeynep A.; Angela M.; Behishta M.;
Shirley V.

Spring 2022 Scholars

Zeynep A.; Tahera J.; Angela M.;
Behishta M.; Shirley V.